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View Settings

With the View settings, you can set the logo and theme colors specific to your institution/organization in the system


This article contains the following settings;

Design Settings

After you log in to your administrator account, click on the Settings module.


Scroll down and click "Design Settings"


Login Wallpaper Image URL; You can select the image you want to set to the login wallpaper, click and upload it, or you can drag and drop the image. 


With Wallpaper Position, you can place the position of the wallpaper image in the center, right, or left.


Header Html;

You can copy the link of an image you previously added to the image pool and past it to the Header Html field as follows:

<img src="https://portalvhds92w3lf984z1qn.blob.core.windows.net/images/812ce0b0-3b02-442d-994e-3dcc9ea2bf89 ">

note: You can use a 1200X200 image for the header image.

Header image will appear as shown below:

For image pool usage, you can read the Image Pool for System Administrator


Footer Html;

You can copy the link of an image you have previously added to the image pool and past it to the Footer Html field as follows:

<img src="https://portalvhds92w3lf984z1qn.blob.core.windows.net/images/812ce0b0-3b02-442d-994e-3dcc9ea2bf89 ">

note: You can use a 1200X200 image for the footer image.

Footer view;



Default Theme Color

You can choose the color tone you want from the color palette or you can set your theme color in the system by directly entering the color code.

You can change to hex code by clicking on this area:



User Can Customize Design

If you activate this option, users in the system can set their own special theme color.


Show All courses, Show Completed/uncompleted Courses, Show Courses according to Catalogs, Show Homeworks.

Those options refer to areas that end users can access as an extra tab in the courses menu.

example view of end-user page:





With your system administrator account, click the Corporate Information module and then the Logo field.

In this area, you can edit your header log, login screen logo, and the site icon (Favicon).

select the image you want to add from your computer by clicking on Browse or upload it by drag-and-drop.

You can save your logos by clicking the Save button.


The Header Logo is on the top left of the home page.


Login Image/logo is the logo on the system login page where you type your user name and password.


Favicon; the Site Icon logo is the icon in the browser.