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Managing Course Catalogs

Course catalogs are one of the important core features of Vedubox, which helps with course registration management.

Catalogs are managed through the system administrator account.

This article contains:

1- Definition of Catalogs

    1. Catalog Subscription

2- Adding New Catalogs

    1. Automatical Catalog Creation
    2. Manual Catalog Creation
      1. Adding Catalog Subscription
      2. Prerequiste

3- Putting Courses up for Sale in your Portal and Managing Course Catalogs


Definition of Catalogs

A catalog in is simplest description is a cluster of courses. Understanding the way catalogs work will enable you to categorize your courses up to maximum in the easiest way. 

In Vedubox, students are not related with courses directly. Instead, students are related with catalog subscriptions, which represent the catalog they are in.


What to know:

  1. A catalog can be empty, it can contain one course or it can contain more than one courses. For example, 12th Grades Course Catalog might contain 12th Grade Math, 12th Grade Physics etc.
  2. A single course can be related with one or more than one catalogs. For example, English for 12th Grades Course can be related with 12th Grade Math Section and 12th Grade Literacy Section simultaneously.
  3. A single catalog subscription can represent only one unique catalog, whereas a catalog can be represented by multiple catalog subscriptions. For example, a permanent catalog subscription as well as 1 month catalog subscription can represent the same catalog.


Catalog Subscription

A catalog subscription represents the catalog that it belongs to. In other words, we relate students with catalog subscriptions, that catalog subscription checks its catalog and delivers the courses in that catalog to the selected students.

A catalog subscription can be set as a paid one. However, in order to receive payment from that catalog, students must buy the catalog subscription from your portal. When you manually register students into catalog subscriptions with your administrator account, students will not be charged even if the subscription is paid.

Adding New Catalogs:

  • Automatic Catalog Creation

While adding your courses, simply do not choose a catalog. In this case, a catalog and a permanent catalog subscription will be automatically created along with the course, both will be named after the course.

    • Automatic catalog will initially contain the course that it has been created with only.
    • Automatic catalog will not be shown on portal by default. It can be edited afterwards.
    • Automatic catalog subscription will be free of charge, permanent and duration will be 10 years.
  • Manual Catalog Creation

Note: You can add catalog subscription/s after you create the catalog by updating the catalog details.

-Click catalogs with your administrator account.

-Click "Add".

-Provide name for your catalog.

-If you enable "Is Public" option and "Show at homepage" option, this catalog will be visible on the portal, being represented by its catalog subscription/s.

-Add tags by typing tag name and putting a comma in the end of each tag.(Optional)

-Choose a prerequisite catalog. (Optional - Please read about prerequisites.)


-Choose registered courses for the catalog and save.


Adding Catalog Subscription:

-In catalogs module, find the three dot icon right of the catalog you want to update and click update.


-Scroll down, find catalog subscription section and click "Add".


-Provide a title for your catalog subscription. A descriptive name is suggested for while registering your students, you can also choose to which catalog subscription they are registered into. Providing descriptive name will be practical in this regard.

-Provide a description for your catalog subscription. (Optional, will be seen on portal.)

-Provide a currency type. (Type 0 if not for sale. See how to put catalogs up for sale.)

-Amount means the first price. (Type 0 if not for sale.)

-Sale price means the valid price. (It is used in order to indicate discount.)

-Choose registered users (Optional).

-Click Save.


-Now you have a catalog subscription for your custom catalog. Student you register in this catalog subscription will have access to courses that are in the same catalog.

Adding Prerequisite for Catalogs

You can select a catalog as another catalogs prerequisite. In this case, a student will have to complete each course on their prerequisite catalog in order to have access to the courses in the next conditioned catalog.

Prerequisite can be added by administrator account.

Tip: For course level prerequisites, it is suggested to create individual catalog subscriptions for the courses in the prerequisite tree.

Using prerequisite for general catalogs such as 12th Grade Science Section catalog is not suggested, since a teacher might accidentally prevent student from completing a course, in this case, student wont have access to the next catalog.

-In order to add a prerequisite, click catalogs.

-Update the catalog that you want to add a prerequisite

-Select which catalog you want to be prerequisite and save.

Putting Courses up for Sale in the Portal

You can sell your courses in your public portal that belongs to your Vedubox. Initially:

-Valid payment methods for integration are Iyzico or PayPal.

-You need to contact with supportteam@vedubox.com in order to successfully complete your payment method integration.


Note: For a person to buy your courses, they have to be a registered student/user in your Vedubox first. 

You can enable self-registration for students, this way your customers can register during their transaction process.


-After confirming that you have made necessary adjustments, go to catalogs.


-Find and update the catalog that you want to put up for sale.

-Enable "Is Public" option and "Show at homepage" option.


-Create or update a catalog subscription.


-Provide a title for your catalog subscription. It will be the title of your pack.

-Provide a description. (Optional.)

-Provide a thumbnail image for your catalog subscription and upload it. (Optional)

-Choose currency type.

-Type in the amount without discount

-Type in the discounted amount (which will be your sale price.)

-If you want a free giveaway package, make the sale price 0.

-Choose package duration.

              -Permanent type will enable subscription as long as the duration you provide.

              -Temporary type will enable subscription in between the dates you provide.


-You do not need to choose anyone as registered users since you are going to sale your catalog subscription. You can optionally choose among your students/users that are registered into this subscription. Users that you register this way will have access to the courses of the catalog and will not be charged of anything.

Save your catalog subscription.


Click "Marketplace"

Note: for more detailed information about Marketplace, you can check Marketplace Module article

-You will see your catalog subscriptions up for sale.


Tip: Your Marketplace page link is public and can be viewed without logging in.