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Marketplace Module

Marketplace Module allows you to sell your training online with e-commerce features. You can easily publish your existing course catalogs in your system or the catalogs that you are about to add to the Marketplace page for a fee or free of charge. Your existing users in your system or any unregistered user can make purchases using your Marketplace domain.


It is essential to know how to manage and create a catalog and a catalog subscription to add it on the Marketplace module and to manage the pricing as well, you can reach more detailed information about Managing Course Catalogs by clicking here.


To view your Marketplace page, Click on Marketplace module from your administrator account.


  • You can filter the courses based on the categories available under the search bar.
  • You can also sort the available courses by Course Name or Date.



By activating the Allow login as a guest option in your administrator system settings, you can enable users to view the courses available on the Marketplace on your system home page.

Settings -> General -> Allow Login As A Guest


The guest will have accessibility as shown below: