Zoom: Video Meeting, Video Conference and Webinar

Video Meeting

  • Enabled for all customers who have the Live module.
  • No time limit for 1 on 1 meetings.
  • 40 minute time limit for meetings with 3 or more participants.
  • Video, voice, screen sharing and annotation are enabled.
  • Local recording is enabled.
  • Cloud recording is disabled.
  • Participant report is disabled.

Video Conference

Every feature of Video Meeting, plus:

  • No time limit.
  • Up to 300 participants.
  • Cloud recording is enabled if the module has been purchased.
  • Participant report is enabled.
  • Breakout rooms are enabled.


Webinars are typically used for addressing large crowds. There are 3 different roles in a Webinar: Host, Panelist and Attendee.

  • No time limit.
  • Up to 10,000 participants.
  • Advanced participant management features.
  • Attendees' voice and video are disabled by default, with the option to enable.
  • Possible to promote attendees to a panelist and demote back to an attendee.

Tip: Webinars are ideal for large lectures, seminars, or keynote speeches.