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What is Vimeo Bandwidth?

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What is Bandwidth?

The simplest definition of bandwidth is capacity. Bandwidth is the data used to deliver your videos to your viewers. Factors like the number of viewers, average time watched per view, and streaming quality all affect bandwidth.

The term bandwidth is the data that gets used when viewers interact with video content. When a video is uploaded and shared with viewers around the world, data is transferred across servers. Bandwidth is the metric that measures that data (usually in GB or TB units).

The larger the bandwidth, the larger the volume of data that can be transferred in a given period of time.



How can I track bandwidth at Vimeo? 


1- Log in to your administration panel at https://vimeo.com with your e-mail and password.



2-  Click on your profile, then click on Analytics.



3- You can see your monthly base used bandwidth. Click View Report for details


4- Here you can view your monthly bandwidth report.




What is the difference between bandwidth and storage?

Bandwidth is the data used to deliver your videos to viewers around the world, while storage is the space it takes to store them on our servers. It is true that these can influence one another. For example, the larger the video file, or the greater the number of videos published, the greater the bandwidth required. 

We would like to say that the vast majority of Vimeo users have not reached our monthly bandwidth threshold - above 99% - and will never have to pay for additional bandwidth.


Why does Vimeo have a bandwidth threshold?

 Vimeo has a bandwidth threshold because our business model requires it. Vimeo is ad-free, which means we do not recoup any of our content delivery costs through advertisements and instead charge a flat subscription fee. When a user consumes more bandwidth than what our flat subscription plans were designed to support, costs can quickly scale above what we can sustainably provide at no additional charge. In those instances, we ask those users to either lower their bandwidth consumption or upgrade to a custom bandwidth plan that is better suited to accommodate their usage.


What is Vimeo’s bandwidth threshold?

The bandwidth threshold is 2TB (measured as 2,000GB) per month. This quota may vary based on annual Vimeo users usage.


What impacts bandwidth?

Many factors impact bandwidth usage, including playing a video, loading the player and thumbnail image, downloading a video, video traffic, and live streaming an event.

The primary driver however is how many people watch a video or a live stream, and what quality they watch it at.


Vimeo gives creators and viewers lots of options for the quality of playback, because we want your viewers to be able to watch your videos in the optimal conditions for their viewing environment. If the viewer does not select the playback quality, we use what we call adaptive streaming to intelligently choose the highest quality possible based on the viewer's network connection, graphics processing ability, and player size.


What happens once I exceed the monthly bandwidth threshold?

Generally, when users exceed the 2TB monthly threshold, we do not enforce this limit by stopping their ability to stream. Instead, users will receive automated notifications encouraging them to keep their bandwidth usage below Vimeo’s monthly limit. Someone from our team may reach out to you if your usage: 

  • Exceeded 2TB per month at least two (2) times in the past 12 months, or
  • Exceeded 10TB per month one (1) time in the past 12 months


What are my options once a Vimeo representative reaches out to me regarding my bandwidth usage?

There are a number of options for you in these instances, and our aim is to find a solution that best serves their needs. This includes:  

  • Reducing bandwidth usage below 2TB/month and remaining on your current Vimeo plan. 
  • Upgrading to a Vimeo Custom or Enterprise account, where pricing depends on the expected bandwidth usage. Rates are competitive relative to alternatives in the industry.  
  • Exploring an alternative option to migrate, in the case that Vimeo is no longer the best solution for your needs.

How long do I have to decide? 

Users are expected to respond and reach a resolution within thirty (30) days from the initial outreach by our team regarding bandwidth usage.

 What will happen if I don’t respond to Vimeo’s notices on my bandwidth usage?

Users are expected to respond and reach a resolution within thirty (30) days from our initial outreach. During this time, users will receive multiple emails from the Vimeo team. If a resolution is not reached within this timeframe, the non-compliant account is at risk of being temporarily suspended. That means their Vimeo videos, wherever they are distributed or embedded, will no longer play for viewers (however, users will still have access to those videos). This is temporary and can be changed by responding to our team to find a resolution.