Vedubox Tutor Quick Start

After registering on the Vedubox Tutor page, you can log in to the system with your username and password sent to your e-mail.


You can start your Vedubox Tutor account quickly by following the 4 steps below.

1-Adding Course Contents

  • The course contents you add will be displayed on the screen of the registered students. The contents that you add under the subject headings will be displayed in the same order on the student screen.

2- Adding Students

  • Click the Students menu to enroll students. Then click the Add button.
  • You can enter the information of your students. By clicking the Save button, you can save your student and perform the course assignment.

3- Adding Live Lessons

  • You can create and schedule live lessons with your instructor account.
  • You can save your "external live link" links from the profile menu.
  • You can edit and plan your weekly schedule from the live menu.

4- Creating Exams And Tests

  • Tests created in the test pool can be used in 3 areas;
  1. Exams are created from tests, students can access it from the exams tab.
  2. Tests can be added to the courses as content. It takes place in the order with the documents in the learning pad. For example: A test can be added after the video and document listed under the topic title.
  3. Questions can be used between interactive videos.
  • After logging into the system from your instructor account, click on the Exam menu from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the test pool to add a new test. You need to click the +Add button in the upper right corner.