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Vedubox Products and Modules

Vedubox is indeed a modular platform, it suggests that it offers the ability to customize and configure its features and components based on individual needs. Modular platforms typically consist of various interchangeable modules that can be added.

Vedubox Products

  1. Live
  2. Lms
  3. Exam

Vedubox Add-On

  1. Marketplace
  2. Replay
  3. Proctoring Exam
  4. One on One Appointment Scheduling

Vedubox All Modules

  1. Events
  2. Library
  3. Gamification
  4. Certificates
  5. Web Tv
  6. Interactive Video
  7. Sitemaker
  8. Blogs
  9. Q&A
  10. Products
  11. Social
  12. Surveys and announcements
  13. On-Demand Courses
  14. Custom Report
  15. Messages Module
  16. Editable Widgets
  17. LinkedIn Learning

Vedubox Products

1- Live

Schedule your team’s live training; automatically notify attendees via SMS and email notifications. Keep live training records and report the whole process.


Vedubox LMS combines training management and content management features to make online learning more effective.


Vedubox Exam provides a secure online exam organization by combining questions in different formats and interactive technologies.

Vedubox Add-On

  1. Marketplece
    As you do your trainings online, of course your sales are online. Vedubox allows you to establish online learning and teaching marketplace

    requirement: at least one Live - Lms or Exam Product

  2. Replay
    Live training and events with video conferencing systems are automatically recorded in the cloud. Thus, users registered to the relevant training or meeting can watch the recording of the broadcasts again whenever they wish.

    requirement: Live Product
  3. Proctoring Exam

    Vedubox integrated with advanced AI proctoring solution that prevent cheating attempts during online exams as well as monitor and control students’ behavior during the examination process. 

    Vedubox enables customers to get verified results from online exams. Vedubox enables students to study and take exams remotely from anywhere in the world. The main aim of Vedubox is to improve the educational process and make it easy and affordable to everyone to study remotely and receive verified exam results.

    requirement: Exam Product
  4. One on one - Appointment  Scheduling
    Users can schedule one-on-one meetings from their trainers according to their available calendars and make appointments as video conferences.
         requirement: Live Product

Vedubox All Modules

  1. Events : With the event manager module, you can create and easily manage your video meeting-webinar over Vedubox. Created events can be shared publicly without requiring a login.
    requirement: live
  2. Library: With the renewed Vedubox content library, you can offer free access to content to your users. You can create your main library categories with cover photos, add subcategories. Moreover, you can upload your content such as documents, videos, audio files!
    requirement: lms
  3. Gamification: With the new gamification module, your users will be able to earn points for activities such as training participation, homework submission, and the number of logins per day! You can display your highest-scoring users on the leaderboard, follow all your participants through the gamification report, and view which activities the users earned points from.
    no requirement
  4. Certificates

    Motivate your participants with personalized certificates with Vedubox’s advanced certificate module. Vedubox’s online certificate module makes it easy to reward and motivate your participants. 

    Whether it’s a comprehensive training, a specialized workshop or an interactive training session, our certificate module adds prestige to your online learning experience.

     requirement: for attende certificate Lms, for achivements certificate Lms + Exam
  5. Web Tv:  

    With the Vedubox Web TV module, you can embed your live broadcast on a different platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) into your Vedubox system and present it to users. You can save the broadcast as an archive.

    In this way, users can watch the broadcast on the Vedubox system without using different platforms, and watch the post-broadcast replays.

    no requirement

  6. Interactive Video: Interactive Video is an online learning solution that allows you to create interactive and dynamic videos. Interactive videos respond to users’ choices in real time, directly over the video. By this way, it engages users in the learning process and offers a unique e-learning experience. Easily make your online training interactive; involve users in training processes and increase learning efficiency.

    requirement: Exam + Lms
  7. Sitemaker

    Create a landing page with the SiteMaker feature, fill it with the information you want, and present it to your users in a website format. 

    Take advantage of Vedubox’s all-in-one features and have a free website.

    no requirement

  8. Blogs:  instructors and admins can write blogs, users can read and like these blogs.
    no requirement

  9. Q&A : users can ask the instructors specific questions with image or videos, and follow their solutions.
    no requirement
  10. Products:  

    You can use the new products module to display your external products!

    You can display devices, book sets and similar products to your Vedubox system users with their technical details and prices.

    no requirement
  11. Social : You can create social groups and users can write and chat with each other by joining these groups, so you can create a social platform.
    no requirement
  12. Surveys and Announcements: You can create surveys and announcements to specificc user, training-specific, branch-specific surveys and announcements.

  13. On-Demand Courses:
    You can create courses within the system that all users can access or request access to. Users create requests for on-demand courses. Upon approval, they can access these courses.
  14. Custom Report:
    In the system, you can generate custom reports containing the data you want by selecting different parameters such as training, unit, training type (e-learning, Face-to-face, Online, hybrid).
  15. Messages:
    There is a private module within the system where users can communicate with each other. This allows users to socialize within the system.
  16. Editable Widgets:
    You can customize the widgets that users can quickly access from their homepages and present them to users with the names and content you desire.
  17. LinkedIn Learning:
    By integrating your corporate LinkedIn account with Vedubox, you can enable users to access LinkedIn Learning courses from within Vedubox and monitor their progress.

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