Tutor - User Quick Start Guide

After registering on the Vedubox Tutor page, you can log in to the system with your username and password sent to your e-mail.


  • You can log in to Vedubox with your username and password or with your Google account.

  • On the home page you can see the widgets such as announcements and polls that created by your instructor. If you wish you can create a to do list for yourself.

  • Also in the Progress menu you can see your progress chart and details aswell.

  • In the Profile menu you can edit your user informations, change notification settings and view the certificates you have earned.

  •  In the Calendar menu you can view your live lessons, to do lists, assignments, tests and exams. Additionally you can add a new events if you wish.

  •  In the My Course menu you can view the courses you are registered for. By clicking on the go to course page button under the respective course you can access the content of the
    course. Also you can see your completed courses through the relevant button.

  • In the Live menu you can join the live lessons of the courses you were registered to.

  • In Library menu, you can access the content uploaded to the library by the instructor.

  • In the Q&A module you can ask questions to the instructors of the courses you have taken.

  •  In the Exams module you can view the exams that have been assigned to you.