Transferring Replay Videos to Vimeo


You can transfer your videos in the Replay module from Zoom to Vimeo.


  • Login to your system with your "Administrator" account.
  • Select the "Replay" module. 

  • In the replay module, videos are available as two separate file types; "Share Screen With Speaker View" & "Active Speaker / Gallery View"

For the replay video you want to transfer, you need to transfer both file types.

  • Activate the "Downloadable" feature.

  • You can transfer your replay video one by one by clicking the "Transfer to Vimeo" option by clicking the sign on the right.

  • After selecting the replay videos you want to transfer in batch, you can transfer them in batch with the "Batch Transfer to Vimeo" option from the "Batch" menu.

The maximum number of videos you can transfer at one time is 25.

  • Your replay videos will be transferred within 4 hours. During this time, it will say "Transferring" in the "Host" section.
  • After your replay videos are successfully imported to Vimeo, the "Host" part will become "Vimeo".

To activate this feature, you need to contact the sales/support team.