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Test Pool, Creating Test and Answer Sheet Test

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

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Student User
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Course Training

You can watch a summary video about how to manage the whole exam module:



Under the Exams module in the teacher's account, you will find Question Pool, Test Pool, Test Categories, and exams

Question pool

For question pool, you can read the Question Pool article which provides a detailed explanation of each question type.

Test Pool

Tests created in the test pool can be used in 2 areas:

1-) The exam is created from the tests and the user can access it from the Exams tab. For the exam creation article, you can read the Exam Management article.

2-) Tests can be added to the course as content. It takes place in the order with the documents in the learning pad. For example, A test can be added after a video and document listed under a subject.


For course content management, you can read Managing Course Module, Course Contents and Adding Certificates


After logging into the system from your Teacher account, click the Exams module from the menu on the left side of the screen, then click the "Test Pool".


To add a new test, you need to click the +Add button in the upper right corner.


While adding a test, you can :

  • Create Test with answer sheet
  • Create a normal test from the question pool

1- Create Test with Answer Sheet

When you click the Add button, you can add the information about the exam in the window that appears.

Scroll down and enable "Answer Sheet Enabled", then enable " Add Document" to add your pdf optical test by clicking the Choose File button.


After adding your optical test, according to the test's details; Enter the number of questions, the point of each question, the number of choices in the questions, and the correct answers to the questions.

Note: According to your number of choices, you can add more letters as an answer. For example, if a number of the choices is 5, there will be 5 choices as A, B, C, D, E.


  • Is Answers Visible:  if you enable this option, users can see the answers of the test after its finishes.
  • % for Average: If you make the % Value percentage in the average as 50, 50% of the score you get will be reflected in the result. A score of 100 in this field reflects the full score result.
  • After selecting the category of the test, click the Save button.


Click the three dots () button then click View to see your created test as an end-user.


You can see your pdf test on the left and the answer choices on the right. You can click on the options to answer. After the exam is over, click on the Finish Exam button.

2- Create a Test from the question pool

When you click the Add button, you can add the information about the exam in the window that appears.

You can provide instructions about the exam, the duration, whether is the test public for other teachers, etc.

After selecting the category of the test, click the Next button to select the question.
There is a list of questions on the question selection page. This list is what you added to the question pool.

You can add a new question by clicking the Add button while creating the test.
You can transfer to the selected questions menu by selecting collective or individual questions from the question list.

You can remove the selected questions from the selected questions menu with the remove button.

Finally, You can save your test by clicking the Save button.