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Teacher / Moderator Settings

This article is about the Teacher/Moderator settings in the Administrator account.

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

Vedubox EDU Vedubox Corporate
Teacher Moderator


After you log in to your administrator account, click on the Settings module.


You can set the Teachers settings from the Settings module.


Descriptions of the features;


Teacher Can Create Student

This option will allow teachers to create and register students to the system.

Limit for Teacher can Create Student

You can set a limited number for creating students as default or for each teacher.

Teacher Self Registration

This option will allow teachers to register by themselves to the system from the login page as shown below:


Teacher Course and Catalog Creation

If you enabled this option, teacher accounts will have the ability to create courses and catalogs.

Minimum Time for Resources

This option will give teachers the ability to set a minimum time to spend on the content.

This option will appear while adding resources under a course subject.


Show User-based Resources Completion Analysis

This option will allow the teacher to have a "resource follow report" under the Reports module, which includes the student/user information and completion percentage.

view from teacher account: