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Question Pool

This feature allows you to store your questions in a pool in order to insert them into tests easily. You can create questions one by one or as a batch.

You can also watch a summary video about how to manage the whole exam module:

This article contains:

  • Adding a question
  • Question Types
    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
    • Open-Ended
    • Ordering
    • Matching
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Multiple Answer
    • Likert
    • Calculation
  • Mathematical Symbols

The Question Pool button is listed under the Exams module.

Important: Do not forget to create a category for your questions before you create your questions.


You will see your questions listed here.


  • Add: Create a question.
  • Batch Create: Add multiple questions using an Excel document.
  • Skills: Match questions with skills.
  • Batch Delete: Delete multiple questions.
  • Search: Find questions based on keywords.
  • Export: Download your questions in Excel format.


Use the 3 dots icon to view the options Update and Delete. When you click Update, you will be taken to the Question Information page. The details will be already filled. Just change the details that need to be updated and click Save. If you click Delete, only that particular question will be deleted.


Adding a question

When you click +Add, you will be directed to the Question Information page for a new question.


Question: You will write your question here based on the question type you will select.

Answer(Optional): The answer should be written in this field if the question is open-ended or fill in the blanks (those features are explained below).

Tags:  You can tag the question with relevant keywords. (This is an optional field).

Code: refers to a number or word that you assign to the question. In this example, 1.1.1 can refer to the first unit, first subject, first question. (This is an optional field).

Next, scroll down and provide information for Question PointLevel, and pick Question Type.


Question Types

Multiple Choice

In this type, you can pick one correct option and as many incorrect options as you like. Click the checkbox which reads Is Answer? to mark that option as the correct answer.


Click Add to insert more options.



In this feature, there are only two options. Either true or false. And indicate the correct answer.




Open-ended are slightly different from other question types. There is no true answer, so the grade earned depends on the teacher's judgment and feedback. In this case, the answer will be submitted by the student and then manually evaluated by the teacher. You can also add hints and feedback messages.



This question type allows you to create ordinal questions. The options will be shuffled and the student will be asked to find the correct order.

Write the items in the correct order. The system will recognize this order as the correct answer. Everything else will be an incorrect answer. Do not forget to click the "Shuffle" option while creating the test or else the correct answer will be shown to the student.

Click Add to insert more options.



In this question type, the students match the items on the left side with their corresponding answers. Write the question body according to the format.

Now, add the items and the corresponding answers. The items need to be written in this exact format:

Item 1 = Item 1's Match

The system will shuffle the choices automatically. And the students will drag and drop the items on the right-hand side to get the correct matches.


Fill in the blanks

The answers should be written in the exact format displayed below:

That is, the answers should be written within double parentheses


Multiple Answers

In this question type, you have multiple choices and also multiple correct answers.

Add as many options as you like. Tick the correct answers.





This question type is ideal for survey questions. 

You don't need to set a "correct" answer for this question type. If you decide to ask an opinion question, don't forget to set the question point as 0.




This question type is actually the same as open-ended, but the correct answer is predetermined so that the teacher doesn't have to evaluate manually.

Caution: The correct answer can only be a Rational Number. Fractions must be expressed in decimals and decimals places must be separated by a dot (.)

Mathematical Symbols

You can use math symbols while creating your questions. Click the small fx button located between the text tools to display the symbols.