Meeting Reactions

Participants can react without interrupting the speaker's word by sending a ''thumbs up'' or "applause" emoji during the conversation. Responses are displayed for 5 seconds and then disappear.


System requirements

Zoom Desktop

  • Windows: 4.6.2 (14747.1216) or higher
  • macOS: 4.6.2 (14751.1216) or higher

Zoom Mobile

  • Android: 4.6.2 (14731.1215) or higher
  • iOS: 4.6.2 (14747.1215) or higher

How to Use

1- Click the Reactions button on the control bar at the bottom of the screen.


2- Choose a Reaction type.


3- The reaction will be displayed next to your image for 5 seconds.


How to Change the Skin Color of Your Reactions

1- Press your profile picture in the Zoom application, then press the Settings button.

2- You can choose the skin color you want in the General tab.