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Managing Test Categories

Test Categories module is the same for both Administrator and Teacher/Moderator accounts. 

You can also watch a summary video about how to manage the whole exam module:


Test Categories are used to classify the questions types to be added. For example, Questions about Mathematics can be added to the Test Category named Mathematics.

Note: Before adding questions to the question pool, test categories are created.


Note: For the teacher account, you can find the "Test Categories" under the Exams module as shown below:


For administrator account:

To create Test Categories, log in with the system administrator account and click on the Test Categories module.


Click Add button to create a test category.


In the window that opens, enter a Name for the test category and click the Save button.


Your Test category will be created and listed as shown below


To add a subcategory to your Test Category, Click on your relevant category. Click the "Add subtest category" button. Enter the subtest category name and click the Add button.


Your subtest category will be created successfully as shown below.


Note: Existing categories can be renamed or deleted.