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Managing Replay Records as System Administrator

The system administrator role can manage all cloud recording replay videos.

Summary video about replay module management:



Your Vedubox system must have cloud recording feature.


A system administrator has access to all replay videos and can download/delete them. A teacher has access to all replay videos of their own courses and can download/delete them. A student can watch replay videos of the courses that they are enrolled to and can download a recording if permitted.


Vedubox integration will record two separate layouts for one meeting:

The active speaker + shared screen and the gallery view. You can read about the differences between the two layouts here: Difference Between Active Speaker with Shared Screen and Gallery View Recordings

Two separate layouts of a single meeting will be listed under replay module, thus containing two videos for one meeting.

Restarted Meeting's Recordings: 

When the teacher starts a meeting, the cloud recording will automatically start. (You can disable automatic recording from Admin->Settings->Live.) When the meeting is ended by the host, the cloud recording will be processed. Vedubox will check per hour whether the recording is ready. When a recording is ready, it will be shown on the replay module.

However, if you stop/start the meeting or the cloud recording, the next part will be treated as a separate recording, thus will be listed separately under the replay module.

The restarted recordings which are started AFTER the meeting duration is expired will not be included in recordings page.


Managing Replay Records:

Login as administrator, click "Replay" from the left-hand side menu.


The replay page will list all cloud recordings. You can see the total number of replay videos and total size of your recordings from the upper-right corner. 


You can select recordings from the first row, and batch delete the selected recordings.


For the recordings which you want your users to be able to download, tick the box under the "Downloadable" button. Notice that the two videos in the screenshot below belong to the same meeting, one is active speaker + shared screen layout and the other is the gallery view. Regardless which one you choose as "Downloadable", the other layout will become downloadable as well.

You can perform individual operations on recordings. Click the options button next to the recording that you want to perform on.

You will be given four options:

1- You can watch the recording.

2- You can download the recording.

3- You can copy the sharable link of the recording.

4- You can delete the recording.