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Logs module provides you with information about the number of singular logged users between selected dates.


Log into your system administrator account. Then click on the Logs module.


In the logs module in the system you can;

  • See the daily entries to the system in graphic form.
  • See the user's login-exit times, date, and IP address.
  • Export all your listings as reports.


Here you can enter the date range you want to view.


You can choose the number of users that will be listed on the page, you can choose up to 3000 users. Also, you can filter the list by a name by typing the name in the search bar and export the page you listed as a report with the arrow button (mceclip2.png) in the upper right area.



You can see the important details made in the system here

1- Catalog deletion (category = catalog)
2- User deactivation (category = users)
3- Delete any user (category = users)
4- Education deletion (category = education)
5- Delete units (category = units)
6- Deleting an exam (category = exams)
7- Delete live training (category = live)
8- Deleting a poll (category = polls)
9- Deleting gamification points (category = gamification)