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Live Lesson Report

Live lesson report will give you insight of users about how many Zoom meetings they have joined and how long they have stayed in the meeting.

Administrator accounts can access to detailed live meeting reports of held courses/meetings. Login as administrator, click "Reports" from the left-hand side menu.


Under "Lesson Based" reports, click "Show More".


Click "Live Lesson Report".

Select the courses and students as Active or Passive.

Then select a course from the list.

Define the date range for your query, and hit "Search".


Under "General Report" tab, you will access the list of your held meetings along with planned duration, actual duration and number of participants information.

Click "Attendees" in order to see the attendee list.


You can view attendee report in detail with join hour, leave hour and duration. Attendees present in this list but has no duration are students who are enrolled into this course but did not attend to the meeting.


Under "Detail Report", you can sort and view the activity of each enrolled student for all meetings in the chosen course.


The "Ranking Report" will list enrolled students according to their total participation in the meetings of the chosen course. The list will sort by descending total time.