Library for Students

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

This feature allows students to access content that was uploaded by a teacher. Documents, images, and videos can all be stored in the library.

To access the contents of the library module, log in to the system with your student/user account and click on the Library module.


In the Library module, you can view the Library Folders, Course Files, and the folders added to your Favorite.
The content is stored inside the relevant folder. Click the folder to see what's inside.


The folders in the library are sorted by main title and sub-titles. When you click it, you can directly access the main topic or subtopics.

You can also add to favorites by marking the asterisk, and you can easily access them from My favorites section.


When you want to open any folder, you can open it by clicking on the topic. You can sort the opened contents by datedocument type, and you can easily find a document by searching from the search bar.


Course Files: If you have course files uploaded by instructors you can view them in this area.


My Favorites: From this area, you can easily access the folders you have previously added to your favorites. You can remove a folder you have added to favorites, by unchecking the asterisk.