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How to Integrate Webex into Vedubox?

In order to integrate your Webex account with your Vedubox system, it is necessary to obtain the necessary information from Webex.

  • Log into your Webex account at developer.webex.com

  • Click "My Webex Apps" from your user profile in the upper right.

  • Click on "Create a New App".
  • Click on "Create an Integration".

  • Follow the relevant steps below.

  • "Will this integration use a mobile SDK?" Use "No" selected for.
  • You can write "MyApp" in the "Integration name" field.
  • You can write "For Learning Management System" in the "App Hub Description" field.
  • Type "system linki/a/settings" into the "Redirect URI(s)" field.
    Example: https://online.vedubox.net/a/settings



  • For the "Scopes" options, select the options in the examples.

  • After the necessary adjustments, select "Add Integration".

To integrate your Webex account with your Vedubox system, you can contact our support team.

  • Login to your Vedubox system with your Administrator account.
  • For Webex information in Settings/Live, you must use the information you just created.

  • Copy the code you have created for the "Client Secret Key" and paste it into the relevant field on your system.

  • Copy the code in the OAuth Authorization URL code and paste it into the relevant field.

  • Click the Generate button.

  • Log in to your Webex administrator (owner) account on the page that opens.


You can now successfully use your Webex account on your Vedubox system.


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