How to Integrate LinkedIn with Vedubox Social Login

You can enable your users to log in to the Vedubox platform using LinkedIn accounts.


  • Log in to your System Administrator account and activate the LinkedIn Social Login feature from the Settings – System Integration section.


  • Go to and click on Create App. Add your company's LinkedIn link and logo information.
  • Select your created App and click on the 'Auth' section.


  • Write the Client ID and Client Secret keys found here into the relevant field in your Vedubox system. 
    In the OAuth 2.0 section, write your Vedubox system's URL address at the end with /pages/login.


  • After placing the relevant data into the fields in the image, press the 'Save' button.


Your users can now log in to the system using their LinkedIn accounts. If the email address used on LinkedIn is already registered in your Vedubox system, the user will log in with their existing account; otherwise, a new Vedubox user account will be created.