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General Settings

This article is about the general settings in the Administrator account.


After you log in to your administrator account, click on the Settings module.


You can set the general properties of the system from the General option in the Settings module.



Descriptions of the features;


Password Rest

Users in the system can renew their password with the verification code sent to their e-mail, by using the forgot password feature during login.

Recaptcha Enabled

Provides Recaptcha protection during login.


Self Registration Enabled

End users can self-register in the system.


Two Factor Authentication Enabled

While singing in, a code will be sent to your registered email in order to access your system for more security.


Activation Code Requirement

 Users who are members of the system must enter the activation code sent to their e-mail.


E-mail Verification On Registration

While registering users to the system, a verification email will be sent to their emails.


User Can Update Name/Surname

Users in the system can update their name and surname information from their profiles.


User Can Update Password

Users in the system can update their password information from their profiles.


Login on Multiple Devives

Users can log in from more than one computer or phone from different places at the same time.


Show All Library

All features in the library will be active.


Time Zone

You can set the system default time zone.


Strong password

Password Containing At least 8 Characters, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Symbols.


Course Grading Enabled

You can turn on the grading feature in courses.


Blocked Ip Range

You can block a certain IP range.


Session Timeout (Seconds)

The user who remains inactive for the time entered in this field will be warned about the session timeout with a pop-up message and is automatically kicked out of the system.


Allow Login as Guest

They can log in to the portal page as guests. (click for end-user portal usage)


Parent Self-Registration

the parent will be able to create their own accounts by Singing up a Parent from the login page


Automatic User Passivation

Automatically Deactivate User whose Package Expired; Users who do not have any courses registered are automatically deactivated by the system. For example, a user registered for a 3-day OHS training. On the night of the 3rd day, the relevant user is deactivated, so you automatically make room in the system. (Especially recommended for users using e-commerce)



After you set all these settings, you can update your settings by clicking the save button.