Exams Module for Students / Users

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

Vedubox EDU Vedubox Corporate
Student User
Teacher Moderator



  • Can see their missed exams.
  • Can continue the unfinished exam and can solve the repeatable exams again if allowed.
  • Can display a general report about the exams and a detailed result report of the relevant exam.

Log in to the system with your Student/User account. Then click on the Exams module.


You can view Not Taken Exams & Taken Exams in this area.

You can start your exam by clicking the Start button in the "not taken exams" .


After clicking the start button, you can see the information and instructions about the exam. After reading the information in this area, you can start the exam by clicking the start exam button.


For exams without an optical mark:

  • On the top right you can see the status information that will appear on questions numbers right below it. As you can see in the example below; question number 1 is "Answered" whereas question number 2 is "Blank" And "Marked".
    • Note: "Mark For review" is usually used when the students need to return to the question, later on, so they can easily reach it.
  • In questions with hints, you can get a hint about the question by clicking the Hint button.
  • You can track your remaining time.
  • After solving your question, you can switch between questions by using the right-left arrows at the bottom or by clicking on the question numbers.


You can click the Finish Exam button to finish the exam.  After clicking the Finish Exam button, A warning message will appear stating the number of empty questions and marked questions.

You can return to the exam by clicking "Cancel" or finish the exam by clicking "Ok".


In exams with an optical mark reader, you can mark your answers on the optical reader, see the exam duration in the optical reader area, and click the finish exam button to finish your exam.


On the Exams module page you can;

  • Continue the exams you have not completed by clicking the Continue button.
  • Solve the repeated exams by clicking the Take Again button.
  • View the result report of the exam you have completed by clicking the Results button (if allowed).


You can see information and report about the exam on the Results page, check how many points you have received, and view the detailed report by clicking the View button.


In the Detailed Report, you can see your ranking, how many students took the exam, the number of attempts, and the success graphs about the exam.

You can print your result by clicking the Print button, and download your exam result to your computer by clicking the Export button.


Again, in the reports, you can see which question you answered and you can check the correct and wrong answers. You can see the solution of the questions (if allowed by instructor) by clicking the Show Solution button.