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Exam Management

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

Vedubox EDU Vedubox Corporate
Student User





To create an Exam for your users from the quizzes you have added, log in from your teacher account then Click on the Exams module under the Test/Exam operation menu on the left side.


Then click "Exams"


On this page, you can see the list of previously created exams as well as you can filter them in a certain date range.

You can create a new Exam by clicking the Add button.


When you click the Add button, you can add the information about the exam in the window that appears.

In this field, Name and Description are required fields. You can provide instructions about the exam, determine the number of times that the exam can be repeated, give a code to the exam, specify the date range and ensure that the exam is taken only within the specified date-time range.


  • If you check the box "Is Exam Result visible to Participants", participants can view their results after the exam is over.
  • You can allow the participants to download the exam results as pdf from the results page by ticking the box "Is Exam Result Downloadable".
  • When you tick the checkbox to allow the catalog to be active when the catalog is completed, the exams become active when the users in the catalog subscription you choose finish the catalog of this training.
  • If the "When a Test Duration Expres, Start The Next Test" box is checked, if there is more than one test in an exam. The user cannot start the next test before the time of the current test finishes.
  • If the "Allow student to continue" box is checked, if any issues occur during the exam, the user can continue the exam from where he/she left off, as the answers he marked are registered on the system.
  • The secure exam module is an additional package to the exam module. For information in this area, you can contact our customer representatives at +90 850 840 60 59 or support@vedubox.com.


You can specify the Catalog subscription for the relevant exam by ticking the boxes of the Catalog subscription list.

You can select your tests from the test pool, which is the next step, by clicking the Next button.


When you click the Next button, the tests in the test pool are listed.
You can transfer them in bulk or individually.

Finally, You can create the Exam by clicking the Save button.