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Exam List

The Exam List in the administrator system allows you to view and update existing exams, see user results, make exam announcements and download exam reports.

To view the exam list, log in with your administrator system account and click on the Exam List module.


Here you can view the exam list.


You can perform the different operations by clicking the three dots () on the right side of the exams.


  • View: It allows you to view and check the exam as a participant.
  • Update: It allows you to change the information in the exam.
  • Delete: Delete the Exam.
  • Exam Analysis Report: It allows you to get a general based analysis report as an Excel spreadsheet (It will be automatically downloaded).
  • Exam Analysis by Student: It allows you to get a student-based analysis report in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • History: It allows you to get information about users who have taken the exam, exam information, and score, etc.
  • Report: Provides general question-based report, which includes max and min scores, number of participants, average score, etc.
  • Download: It allows you to download the questions in the form of a Word file or a Pdf file.
  • Make an announcement for the exam: It allows you to make an announcement about the exam to the users registered in the system as an Email or SMS.