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Discount Codes

You can enable users to use discount codes while experiencing the purchasing process by entering a certain percentage of discount codes on your training packages or training published on the portal.

Below is an example of a course that was initially 50TL, and after applying the discount code with 20% discount the total payment became 40TL


To create a Discount Code, log in to the system with your system administrator account. Then click on the Discount Code module.


Click the Add button.


Enter the discount code name on the screen that opens.


By clicking the custom button, you can define a special discount code for your existing catalogs or for your existing catalog subscription under the catalog.


Enter the discount percentage. When you activate the option "Is Limited", you can limit the usage of your existing code. As an example, 10 discount codes are defined in the image below.

After setting the Discount Code start and end dates, you can complete your transaction by clicking Save.