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Custom Registration Fields

Custom fields module allows you to add additional information that you may request during the self-registration of students. You can request information such as parent information, blood group and address about registration areas, either mandatory or optionally.


Warning: Registration fields cannot be used without the self-registration setting enabled.

you can enable the self-registration option as follows;



For Custom fields, Log in with your system administrator account. Then click on the "CustomFields" module.


Click the Add (+) button to add a new custom field.


  • Enter the Name and Description of the custom filed area. Choose which Language to display.
  • Then choose the Field type as Text, Multitext, Dropdown, or Checkbox.
  • Then write the order of appearance. This is the order in which manually added record fields are added relative to each other.
  • Is Required? If you select the option, this registration field cannot be left blank during registration.


For the Example used in this article ("Text" Field type), the end-user view will appear as follows: