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Calendar for Administrator

To view your calendar, log into the system with the system administrator account. Then click on the Calendar module.

In the Calendar module in the system;

  • You can view your to-do list that you have added.
  • You can add events.
  • You can view your Live sessions.
  • You can view your exams on the calendar.


1) Click the "Add New" button on the To-Do List on the main page, fill in the Title, Description, start-end dates, and time of your programs on the screen that opens, and click the Save button.

Now You can view your to-do list in the Calendar module.

2) You can plan an event on the calendar module screen.

To add an event, click the "Add event" button at the bottom right of the Calendar module.

On the page that opens when after you click "Add event", fill in the Title, Description, start-end dates of the event, and you can pick either to view the event privately or for all users, then click the Save button.

You can now see your created events in the Calendar module.