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Adding Corporate Information

To edit your Corporate information, log in with the administrator system account and click on the Corporate Information module.


On this page, you can add information about your corporation, contract, terms, information, and logos.

On this screen you can add/edit :

  • About Us: You can publish your corporate policy, information, mission, and vision information.
  • Confidentiality Agreement: You can publish your secrecy/privacy agreement here. Delivery And Retail Closures
  • Delivery And Retail Closures: You can publish your delivery and return conditions/policies here.
  • Contract of Distant Sale: You can publish the distance sales contract information here.
  • Contact Info: You can publish your corporate contact information here.
  • Eft and Money Order Info: You can publish your EFT and Money order information here.
  • Live Lesson/Training End User License Agreement: You can publish the license agreement here.
  • User Agreement: You can publish the user agreement here.
  • Logo: You can change your system's Home screen, Header logo, and the Site Favicon.
  • GDPR Policy: You can add your own GDPR Policy Text here. Your users can register to the system by confirming the GDPR Policy. You can still see your approved users from this screen.

The information you have added will appear on the Marketplace page. People will be able to see the information you have added here before they receive your Courses/Training.


You can also watch our video below explaining how to edit Corporate information :