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Activation Codes

The following user roles and terms have the same functionality:

Vedubox EDU Vedubox Corporate
Student User
Teacher Moderator
Course Training


Activation Codes module allows you to generate a code that activates a user's account while self-registering. The generated code can have a limitation, starting/ending date.



Login with your admin account and enable Settings > General > Self Registration Enabled and Activation Code Required, then save the changes.


Click on the Activation Code module.


On the Activation Codes module, Click the Add button to add a code.


Write the Code and give it a description if needed, with the Limit field you can specify the number of users who can use the code. And you can specify the starting/ending date of the code.

Click the Save button to add the code.


Your Activation Codes will be listed here


To Update or Delete the code, click the three dots shown below


The activation code will be required from the student/user while registering to the system as shown below