Joining Live Courses for Students

The "Live" feature allows you to join video conferences or webinars and interact in real time.

*This article is about joining the live meetings through the Vedubox. For in-meeting controls, see the following Zoom Help Center articles:

Participant controls in a meeting

Webinar Controls (Only consider the "Webinar Controls" section of the article.

1- You need to have Zoom Client installed on your device. See the article on how to install the latest Zoom Client:

2- You can only participate the live meetings of the courses that you are enrolled. There are two cases:
    2.1- You will enrolled by your system administrator to course/courses.
    2.2- You will need to purchase the course from the Portal. 


You can watch our live meetings introduction video and review the article.



Important Note: You will view the hours of the live meetings according to your preferred time zone in your "Profile" settings. Your default time zone will be same as the system default. 

For example, if you are residing in Australia, but your institution is operating on London, the system time zone will most probably be the London time zone. In this case, you will need to click "Profile" at the left hand side menu and update your time zone.


Joining Live Meetings:

The Live button is located at the left sidebar.

Once you enter the Live tab, you will see your weekly schedule. First, you need to click the blue Register button to sign up for the session. Your teacher can access the list of students who clicked the "Register" button.


You can click the "Start" button in order to join the meeting. The start button will only be visible once it is the starting hour of the meeting.

Once you click start, your browser will try to run Zoom Client. If the client does not run automatically, you can click the "Launch Meeting" button in order to force start the client. Once the client starts, you will join Zoom as participant/attendee.